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Tooth transplantation

Tooth transplantation – even a hopeless situation can lead to a perfect result.

Tooth transplantation is an extra option worth considering. If you need to fix an untreatable molar or a lower wisdom tooth that has not erupted from the gum, a technically highly skilled dentist is needed to achieve the perfect result. We just had a successful treatment case at Sakala Hambaravi!


Dr. Maria Ardel tells us what exactly was done to the Greco-Roman wrestler Helary Mägisalu – a lower back molar (a permanent tooth) that was hopeless, that is, not responding to treatment, and an impacted (under the mucosa, inside the bone – i.e. not erupted, retained) lower wisdom tooth were removed under local anaesthesia.

“This process involved preparing the tooth socket for the tooth transplant, fitting the tooth to be transplanted, achieving as physiological an occlusion as possible, closing the wound with sutures and, if necessary, mucosal plastic surgery,” explains Dr. Ardel, adding that the transplanted tooth was fixed with a splint for two to four weeks

Tooth transplantation requires special skills

Although tooth transplantation always requires special skills and a lot of experiences, this time it was a case where the roots of the tooth to be transplanted were not fully formed. “There is therefore a high probability that the transplanted tooth will remain vital, i.e. alive, and root canal treatment will not be necessary in this case,” says the doctor, explaining that tooth transplants with unformed roots, especially in the mandible, are a bit more demanding in terms of technical skills. Because nothing less than a perfect result will be accepted at Sakala Hambaravi.

But tooth transplantation itself is nothing extraordinary. It is an excellent option if there is a need for a tooth replacement and there is a non-functional extra tooth in the oral cavity that is suitable for transplantation and has a good prognosis.

The procedure may sound scary and painful, but the reality is usually not extreme. Even after the procedure, the patient is in a peaceful recovery rather than in great pain. The doctor gives instructions for tooth care: “Brush the teeth with a soft brush, rinse the mouth with an antiseptic containing chlorhexidine or octenidine, eat soft foods for a week and eat with the other side of the mouth. A course of antibiotics is also generally prescribed and painkillers should be used if necessary. Sutures are removed a week after the procedure.”

Follow-up treatment requires thorough oral hygiene

Thorough oral hygiene and a sustainable regimen are the key points that patients need to follow after tooth transplantation. The doctor does all the technical work, but the patient plays a major role in following the treatment plan and ensuring a successful recovery. In addition to that was said above, it is also important to avoid heavy exercise for a week and to eat only very soft food for a month with the side of the mouth that underwent the procedure.

If your teeth are in good condition, your breath will be better, your smile will be more beautiful, your health will be better and your self-confidence will be higher. Postoperatively, you have to see a root canal specialist every one to three months for the first year. “After that, it is just like it is with normal teeth – regular oral check-ups once a year,” says Dr. Ardel.

Wrestler Helary Mägisalu: I was very much satisfied with Sakala Hambaravi!

According to Helary Mägisalu, silver medallist at the European Wrestling Championships, the whole dental treatment was very comfortable and both the staff and equipment at Sakala Hambaravi were of a high standard. “Bad teeth are always painful, sometimes even under anaesthesia, but the pain I experienced was minimal and there was no reason to be afraid of it,” says Helary, when asked about the pain.

After each procedure, he felt a great sense of relief that his teeth were healthier again. “After the treatment, my teeth were sensitive for the first day, but there were no other side effects. The recovery was quicker than I thought,” admits the athlete, whose life has changed a bit with his teeth healthy, for example, his diet is more flexible, which is very important for him as an athlete. “I am definitely even more careful with my dental hygiene because I understand that teeth are the foundation of health!”

Helary decided to come to Sakala Hambaravi because he had heard and read a lot of good feedback on the clinic. “People’s experiences with Sakala Hambaravi were very positive. In addition, the location is good and the doctors are top class. I was also very much satisfied, all the staff were very cool and polite. A solution was always found for everything and a lot of valuable advice was given. Super!” says wrestler Helary Mägisalu, recommending people to get their teeth fixed at Sakala Hambaravi.

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