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Damon Q braces

Sakala hambaravi breketidMetal braces made of surgical stainless steel: these braces are the best choice if effective treatment is your top priority and it does not matter if the braces are noticeable or not. These braces look very nice due to small dimensions and great design.

Damon Q braces :

Damon Q braces

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Damon Q braces and dental hygiene

Damon Q braces are very susceptible to food residue gathering and plaque forming. Most often, plaque forms between teeth, in chewing surface grooves and on gum borders, during brace treatment also around brackets and dots, under arch and springs and along wire. Failure to remove plaque may lead to tartar, caries, decay of tooth enamel and gingival problems. Therefore, hygiene is very important during orthodontic treatment.

Teeth should be brushed thoroughly in the morning (after breakfast is a must) and in the evening before bed time. It is recommended to clean teeth after every meal or at least rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. After brushing, inspect the result in the mirror. If you see food residue around the braces, brush your teeth again.

There is a special toothbrush for braces with V-shaped bristles – the outer bristles are slightly longer than the middle ones. This kind of brush makes it easier to clean the teeth around braces. Oral B Ortho toothbrush is a good choice.

Electric toothbrush can be used, but you need to make sure you do not hit the braces with the plastic head of the toothbrush.

While brushing, toothbrush bristles should be tilted at a 45° angle towards the gum line and the toothbrush moved back and forth with circular movements. Hold the toothbrush in vertical position and move up and down when cleaning the inner surfaces of front teeth.


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