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Here are all the price information and related information.
In addition, you will find on our website all the information you need to make an informed decision about your first visit and ordering services.

The price list for dentistry is indicative and does not include all prices. For more information, please make an appointment with our dentist. The full price list and services are available on site.

For more complex procedures, book a consultation to create a treatment plan that includes the exact cost.
Sakala reserves the right to set prices on a case-by-case basis.

Here you will find the general terms and conditions of our services.



Price Select


Price Select
Removal of filling 19.00 - 41.00
Light-curing, 1 surface 52.00 - 69.00
Light-curing, 2 surfaces 70.00 - 84.00
Light-curing, 3 surfaces 91.00 - 105.00
Restoration of incisal edge or corner 100.00
Restoration of the crown part of the tooth 98.00 - 130.00
Ca basis of deep caries 22.00
IRM 26.00
Composite laminate 125.00
Fibreglass tape to support the tooth 65.00

Root canal treatment

Price Select
Opening, expanding, cleaning a root canal 53.00
Opening, expanding, cleaning each subsequent root canal 35.00
Intermediate medication + temporary filling 45.00
Filling a root canal 53.00
Filling each subsequent root canal 34.00


Price Select
Removal of a mobile tooth 35.00
Removal of 1-root tooth 53.00
Difficult removal of a tooth or root, price starting from 90.00
Difficult removal of an erupted wisdom tooth, price starting from 165.00
Opening an abscess 30.00
Drain replacement / stitch removal 15.00


Price Select

Dentistry under general anaesthesia

Price Select
Hourly fee for general anaesthesia – the first hour of general anaesthesia 430.00
General anaesthesia fee – every subsequent 15 minutes 80.00
Hourly fee of sedation – the first hour of sedation 235.00
Sedation fee – every subsequent 30 minutes 75.00
Laughing gas sedation – the first 30 minutes 100.00
Laughing gas sedation – every subsequent 15 minutes 30.00


Price Select
Adjusting the dentures 23.00
Alginate impression 25.00
Silicone impression 35.00
Temporary crown (direct) 41.00
Individual tray 35.00
Basis of a partial plate denture 275.00
Framework of cast metal partial denture with base 435.00
Plastic tooth 33.00
Wire clasp 35.00
Cast clasp 65.00
Repairing 1 fracture 80.00
Adding 1 tooth or clasp (does not include the cost of the tooth!) 75.00
Cast metal core 135.00
Root anchor 220.00
Fibreglass pin + tooth core 150.00
Metal-ceramic crown 385.00
Ceramic inlay/onlay 425.00
Fully ceramic crown 400.00
Fully ceramic laminate 440.00
Plastic crown 145.00

Teeth whitening

Price Select
Total price for home whitening of 1 dental arch 125.00
Total price for home whitening of 2 dental arches 250.00
Whitening of 1 dental arch in the doctor’s office 135.00
Whitening of 2 dental arches in the doctor’s office 235.00


Price Select
Orthodontic consultation 50.00
Orthodontic visit 35.00
Diagnostic impressions and models 60.00
Rubber bands 6.00
Tube, price starting from 35.00
Activation of braces 38.00
Retention check-up 35.00
Reattaching the brace or retainer link 21.50
Retainer for 6 teeth 125.00
Temporary lifting of the bite with a filling 32.00
Metal brace 25.00
Amount approx 0

For health-insured children under the age of 19, the EHIF provides free dental care to the services specified in the list of health care services of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

The EHIF pays € 260 for prosthetic work for pensioners once every three years.

NB! In our clinics, the visit fee (5 euros) is paid by all health-insured children under the age of 19 who receive medical treatment from the Estonian Health Insurance Fund and patients who visit a specialist for treatment (§ 67, § 70, and §72 of the Health Insurance Act).

Sakala Hambaravi reserves the right to charge patients a fee for continuing treatment in the amount of 40 euros, who has repeatedly given up their treatment time without prior notice.

Sakala Dental Prices are listed so that our patients can view and calculate how much dental care we are paying for. We consider it very important that our prices are transparent to patients.

When you come to our consultation, Sakala Dental dentists are always ready to explain the cost of the treatment so that you have an overview and the opportunity to better evaluate your treatment options.

In this way, you also have the opportunity to plan the course of your treatment on a monthly basis, if necessary. Dental care prices may change if the work performed is larger than expected, but in this case your doctor will also warn you. For longer dental treatment, your doctor will make a treatment plan so you know how much each visit will cost you and in what order your teeth will be repaired, so you can plan your work so that the treatment does not become a burden on your wallet. For larger jobs or longer treatments, such as implants or orthodontics, you can also use our installment option, which you can find here

You can always find the exact and latest price list of Sakala Dentistry in our waiting area.

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