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Payment in instalments

Payment in instalments in Sakala Hambaravi:

Nowadays, many people who postpone a visit to the dentist don’t do it because they are scared of the treatments but mainly because of financial obstacles. Sakala Hambaravi offers our patients the possibility to pay for their dental treatments in instalments. It is very easy and convenient to fill in the paperwork for payment in instalments with our receptionist; you will receive an immediate answer to your application.

Terms and conditions for instalments at Sakala Hambaravi:

  • Amount to be financed: € 100–3,000
  • Down payment starts from: 0%
  • Number of instalments: 4–48
  • Interest on the purchase amount: 15.9%
  • Contract fee: € 15

Customer requirements:

  • Age: 21–70.
  • Income: starting from € 240 (salary, pension, parental benefit).
  • Good previous payment behaviour and no active payment defaults.
  • Valid residence and work permit (in case of alien’s passport). We accept as proof of identity: Passport of the Republic of Estonia, Republic of Estonia alien’s passport and ID card.
  • Having a bank account at one of the following banks (for e-invoicing): Swedbank, SEB Bank, Danske Bank, Nordea Bank, Eesti Krediidipank and LHV Bank.


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