Hammaste valgendamine võtab aega 30-60 minutit

Teeth whitening

Whitening in the dental office

lasts 30–60 minutes; however, depending on the patient, one-time whitening may not be sufficient. The dentist puts a special protective seal on the gums around the teeth that need whitening and then places the whitening gel onto the teeth.

We use at our clinic whitening product series Opalescence Boost from a well-known American manufacturer Ultradent. Opalescence is the market leader with experience of over 20 years and is popular among patients all over the world.


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

At-home whitening

procedure requires making special whitening trays for the patient. The dentist obtains a mould of the patient’s teeth on the first visit and the laboratory will prepare the trays for the patient’s next visit. The dentist explains how to do the whitening at home and provides a set of whitening gels together with the whitening trays.

The whitening agent contained in these gels is hydrogen peroxide (10%, 16%). At home the patient has to put the whitening gel into the trays and wear the trays on the teeth (for 6–8 hours, depending on the product). It is not recommended to consume strong-coloured food and drinks (black tea, coffee, red wine etc.) for some days after the whitening.

The whitening procedure does not affect the tooth structure. The crowns and fillings do not change colour. The teeth may become sensitive during whitening but these symptoms will pass after the end of the whitening procedure. Special sensitivity-reducing tooth pastes are also available. 

We use at our clinic whitening product series Opalescence Take Home from a well-known American manufacturer Ultradent. Opalescence is the market leader with experience of over 20 years that dentists all over the world trust.


Teeth whitening - Sakala Hambaravi

Whitening devital teeth

involves a special whitening method to whiten a darkened tooth in the row of teeth (a „dead“ tooth) where the above described external whitening techniques are not sufficient. A small hole is drilled into the tooth from the side facing the palate or tongue, old filling is removed and whitening gel is inserted into the tooth. The hole is closed with temporary filling and the procedure will be repeated after 3–5 days until a satisfying result is achieved.

Cleaning by a dentist or an oral hygienist to achieve the desired shade of teeth

Cleaning your teeth will definitely help restore a brighter smile. Our doctors can help remove plaque and pigmentation with a simple procedure that takes no more than 45 minutes. This procedure is called air polishing treatment.

During AIR-FLOW or air polishing treatment, stains and plaque are removed from the teeth with water, air and sodium carbonate powder. The tooth surface is not damaged during this cleaning procedure. The procedure is quick and painless, allowing to reach and clean all those difficult to access areas such as the tight spaces in between the teeth. The result is smooth and sparkling teeth! During the procedure, saliva covering and protecting the teeth is rinsed off. The saliva film will be restored by saliva proteins within 2–3 hours. During this period, it is not recommended to smoke or to consume highly pigmented drinks or food (e.g. red wine, coffee, tea and cola drinks) because teeth are more susceptible to colouring.

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