Ortodontia ja ortodontiline ravi, breketravi ja kaperavi


What does orthodontics involve?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry and orthodontic treatment is performed by an orthodontist. Orthodontic treatment can move teeth into the desired position and improve shape and functions of dental arches. Treatment may alter the overall look of the face and functions of muscles and joints. Teeth are moved with the help of slight force caused by functional appliances, usually braces. The treatment may last from months to years depending on the seriousness of the malocclusion and age of the patient.


Orthodontics is suitable for both children and adults

There is a misconception that orthodontic treatments are only meant for children and that it is not possible to shift an adult’s teeth. In reality, it is never too late to see an orthodontist – teeth can be moved at any age. More and more adults are coming to our clinic to see an orthodontist.

In the treatment of children, early detection is essential. The earlier a child reaches a doctor and his or her dental problems are detected, the easier it is to correct them. Parents sometimes mistakenly think that orthodontic treatments can only be performed after all the baby teeth have been replaced. However, it is worth knowing that many dental occlusion problems can be treated and prevented earlier, and your child’s first orthodontic check-up could be as early as at the age of 6–7 years.

Occlusion problems are not always obvious to the untrained eye, and a seemingly straight set of teeth does not necessarily mean that a child’s dental occlusion is fine.


Occlusion problems can be suspected for example if there is no proper contact between teeth or there is a large gap between the upper and lower teeth. In addition, the lower teeth being positioned in front of the upper teeth can also indicate a problem.

Orthodontic treatments can be used to change the position of individual teeth, straighten teeth that lack space, reduce gaps between teeth, improve tooth contact, and also prepare for further dentures and implants.

Orthodontic appliances

  • Metal braces – the most commonly used type of braces (Damon).
  • Ceramic braces – similar to metal braces but transparent and less visible (Damon).
  • Orthodontic aligners – removable transparent aligners (we use Airnivol aligners).
  • Miniscrews – or mini-implants (Ormco).

Removable and non-removable auxiliary orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontic treatments can be used to

  • Straighten the teeth
  • Reduce gaps between the teeth
  • Change the position of the teeth
  • Improve the contact between teeth
  • Prepare the mouth for prostheses, implants, etc.
  • Prevent serious occlusion anomalies
  • Promote the maxillo-facial development of children

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