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Dental treatment

Our services and the skills of the doctors working in the clinic cover all the most important areas related to dentistry.

This includes dental prosthetics, orthodontics, endodontics, implantology, etc. If you are not sure which dental service or dentist is the best choice for solving your oral health problems, feel free to contact our receptionist and we shall help. You can find the contact details here.

If you are considering buying our services and you wish to get further information concerning required treatments, we recommend you to book an appointment. You can conveniently book your time via our online booking environment.

During the first visit, the doctor performs necessary examinations and tests and gives the patient feedback on the current status. After having mapped the health status of teeth, the doctor will agree the following steps with the patient. It is possible to find a solution for one particular dental problem or continue with a previously not completed treatment.

Our contemporary and smart electronic dental treatment administration software enables us to have an overview of your teeth health and already performed and required treatments at any given time. This allows us to offer you better service and plan personal treatment and care.

The services of our clinic are aimed at both adult patients and children.

People associate dental treatment mainly with the treatment of cavities because this is the most common reason to visit a dentist. In a narrow sense, the treatment of cavities, i.e. filling cavities with dental filling materials, may be considered dental treatment. Materials used as fillers are composites, glass ionomers as well as various inlays and onlays (including gold and porcelain inlays and onlays).

Composite materials suit well for repairing smaller defects. However, they wear faster compared to fillings, such as metal, composite and ceramic inlays and onlays, prepared in a dental laboratory. We recommend using fillings made in a dental laboratory for posterior teeth because they are more durable.

Sakala Hambaravi uses only the best and acknowledged composite materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. We work together with the best dental laboratories in Estonia and neighbouring countries.

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