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A prerequisite of a good treatment is a correct diagnosis. At Sakala Hambaravi we have the most common modern diagnostic equipment to ensure diverse and effective treatments on the spot so that the patient does not have to leave the clinic to get treatment in some other health care institution.


All dental treatment rooms have digital X-ray equipment (Kodak) and the clinic is equipped with a panoramic and 3-D X-ray machine with an option of taking lateral images (Kodak). We also use a microscope (Leica) when carrying out a root canal treatment. All X-ray images are saved digitally in our treatment software image bank and, if necessary, we can always reproduce them later.

3D X-rays and modern diagnostics

3D (three-dimensional) X-rays are playing an increasingly important role in treatment planning. Compared to the conventional medical computer tomography (CT) device, the radiation dose from 3D X-rays is significantly lower. The image is captured for a specific indication or when preparing for more complex procedures such as implantation, jaw surgery.

In essence, 3D X-rays are X-ray images that are rapidly photographed in layers that are merged by software into a 3-dimensional viewable whole image. The resulting image reveals the nuances that remain hidden in a 2D image. Special software tools enable planning and testing treatment solutions based on the 3D X-ray images.

Photographs help plan aesthetics

Photographs are important tools for doctors mainly for aesthetic planning and treatment monitoring. For the dental technician in the lab, who might not have met the patient in person, a photograph provides important visual information about the teeth. Photographic techniques are constantly evolving and therefore equipment needs to be carefully selected and skilfully used.

The equipment we use

Our clinic uses the most modern diagnostic tools to obtain the information that is essential for planning a treatment. We use panoramic and 3D X-rays with the possibility of lateral view (Kodak), all our offices are equipped with digital X-ray equipment (Kodak) and we use a microscope (Leica) for root canal treatments. All the X-rays that are taken are stored digitally in our medical software image bank and can always be reproduced later if necessary. Digitisation of diagnostic procedures is a standard in modern dentistry, which speeds up and simplifies the retrieval and processing of information. Sakala Hambaravi has all the main diagnostic equipment used in modern dentistry, which helps to ensure comprehensive and effective treatment without having to leave the clinic.

Diagnostic development and safety

Diagnostic procedures are improved by the constantly developing technology and medical software. Technological advances also lead to changes in the dental clinic’s workflow and create new specialisation opportunities. Continuous training of the staff of the clinic is therefore essential. The clinic’s premises have been designed to minimise the spread of radiation doses in order to ensure maximum safety for both the staff and the patients.

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