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What are dental fillings?

People associate dental treatment mainly with the treatment of cavities because this is the most common reason to visit a dentist. In a narrow sense, the treatment of cavities, i.e. filling cavities with dental filling materials, may be considered dental treatment. Materials used as fillers are composites, glass ionomers as well as various inlays and onlays (including gold and porcelain inlays and onlays).


Hambaaukude parandamine täidistega

Fillings prepared in a dental laboratory

Composite materials suit well for repairing smaller defects. However, they wear faster compared to fillings, such as metal, composite and ceramic inlays and onlays, prepared in a dental laboratory. We recommend using fillings made in a dental laboratory for posterior teeth because they are more durable.

If a cavity is left untreated

An untreated cavity can develop into nerve inflammation, which manifests itself as severe and persistent toothache. Should that happen, the treatment is much more complicated than just repairing a small cavity, because the inflammation in the nerve tissue of the tooth is usually irreversible and the tooth will require costly root canal treatment. After root canal treatment, the final restoration of the tooth is usually necessary, either with a crown or an inlay/onlay, which in turn is quite expensive. If the tooth is not restored properly after root canal treatment, you may end up losing the tooth, as a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment can easily fracture.

Factors influencing the cost of dental treatments

The price of the procedures depends on the materials and technologies used, as well as on the time required for the work and the number of people involved in the procedure. Furthermore, dental clinics must invest in constantly innovated technologies and equip treatment rooms to correspond to the needs and requirements.

The final cost of procedures also depends on the volume of work involved, which can be difficult to predict. The prices for dental treatments may change if the work performed is more extensive than expected, but in this case the doctor will let you know in advance.

The cost of treatments can be planned even if the treatments take place over a longer period of time, because the doctor will draw up a treatment plan that will show which teeth are to be treated in which order and the amount of money that the patient should expect to pay. Hence we encourage patients to ask for a suitable treatment plan from their doctors and discuss it with them in order to make the correct decisions

Our partners

Sakala Hambaravi uses only the best and acknowledged composite materials from the world’s leading manufacturers. We work together with the best dental laboratories in Estonia and neighbouring countries.

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