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Tooth decorations

Tooth decorations are small figurines (e.g. from gold, white gold or precious stones) that are glued to a tooth without damaging its enamel. The procedure is completely painless. A decoration is about 0.5–1 mm thick, with the width and length varying (2–3 mm). As tooth decorations are relatively thin, patients get used to these fairly quickly. A dental decoration is made from metal or an individual stone, but it can also be a metal figurine with a stone. The price depends on the amount of precious metal used in the figurine and the value of the stone. 

There are tooth decorations for girls and boys, men and women. They can be placed on any tooth, but usually they are placed on permanent teeth from the age of 10 upwards.



Tooth decorations

How long do tooth decorations last?

Theoretically, a properly placed and maintained tooth decoration should last for many years, but careless or reckless actions (e.g. chewing hard food, traumas etc.) can cause it to come loose too soon. If the back surface of the tooth decoration is undamaged and the old decoration is in good condition, it can be glued back in place if desired.

Removal of tooth decorations

It takes only 15 minutes at the dental office to remove the decoration. Removing tooth decorations is a completely painless procedure as is the application. After the removal of the decoration the tooth surface will be as smooth and undamaged as it was before its application.

Price of tooth decorations

Tooth decorations can be made of different materials of different values – precious metal, as a stone only or a combination of precious metal and stone. The price depends on the amount of precious metal in the stone and the value of the stone. An additional fitting fee of €41 is added to the price of the tooth decoration.

NB! The desired tooth decorations must be ordered in advance, since the selection is wide and we do not keep stock on site at the clinic!

We will explain the choice of tooth decorations and the details of applying them in the clinic in the course of a dentist’s appointment.

The delivery time for decorations is usually 2–3 days. Sometimes the delivery time can be longer and the exact delivery time will be announced after the visit and after the order for the decoration has been sent to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer of tooth decorations is: Hådéns Dental Original Products HB

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