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What are braces?

Braces are appliances used to change position of teeth. Today adult orthodontic treatment uses mainly braces. The orthodontist prescribes you suitable and most comfortable braces according to the required treatment. Before any treatment and prescription of braces it is necessary to consult an orthodontist in order to determine the nature of treatment the mouth needs. You are welcome to contact our specialists for advice and to determine the type of braces your teeth need.

We prefer Damon braces in orthodontic treatment as these make the treatment shorter and aftercare more comfortable for the patient. You can learn more about advantages of Damon braces here.

We offer the following braces:

Duration of treatment with braces

Usually, the duration of treatment with braces is about one and a half years. However, in milder cases, treatment may be limited to one year. For very complex occlusion disorders, treatment can last three years or even longer.

The duration of treatment with braces depends on:

  • The severity of the occlusion problem.
  • The number, size and placement of the removed teeth.
  • Patient’s gender and age.
  • The structure of the jaws.
  • The general state of health of the person.
  • The material of the braces.
  • Regularly used medications.

Issues regarding orthodontics and braces are explained in more detail by Dr. Jelena Savvova, our orthodontist. Dr. Jelena Savvova is an orthodontist with post-graduate training in orthodontics in Tartu University. Her experience and knowledge are highly appreciated by our patients. As our clinic has a cephalostat in addition to panoramic X-ray machine, all X-rays required for planning orthodontic treatment can be made here.

For more information please call us: 533 599 66.

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