AIR-Flow soodapuhastus käigus uhutakse hammastelt katt ja plekid

AIR-FLOW or teeth stain removal

During AIR-FLOW stains and plaque are removed from the teeth with air, sodium carbonate powder and water.

The tooth surface is not damaged during this cleaning procedure. This method is quick and painless allowing reaching and cleaning all those difficult to access areas such as the tight spaces in between the teeth. The teeth are smooth and sparkling!

Although during the procedure saliva covering and protecting the teeth is rinsed off, necessary saliva will be secreted within 3–4 hours. It is not recommended to consume red wine, coffee, tea and coca-cola drinks during this time because the teeth are more sensitive to colouring.

How often can AIR-Flow air polishing treatment be performed?

The recommended frequency of professional tooth cleaning is twice a year. However, if desired, or if there is a medical reason for it (with accelerated plaque formation), more frequent cleaning is possible – once every 2–3 months. Smokers are advised to have more frequent cleaning, just like people who like black tea and coffee.

Professional hygiene does not substitute for daily teeth cleaning, but complements it. In order to maintain good oral health, it is not only necessary to apply regular professional hygiene, but also to brush your teeth at least twice a day and to use dental floss and special mouth rinses after eating.

Results of AIR-Flow air polishing:

  • Teeth are clean, smooth and shiny (plaque removed).
  • If there was pigmentation on the teeth, it is removed during the procedure and teeth become whiter.
  • Gum pockets and hard-to-reach areas (e.g. around braces) are cleaned of plaque and microbes.
  • In case of laminates, crowns and implants, dental plaque is removed from the laminate/crown/tooth junction or the implant/gum junction. This reduces the risk of microleakage (i.e. the laminate or crown is no longer tightly bonded to the tooth, creating a microscopic opening for bacteria to enter).


  • one jaw          47 EUR
  • the whole mouth         80 EUR


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