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Dental treatment

Kasutame enda töös kõige uuemaid materjale, ravivõtteid ja tehnoloogiat. Ainult nii on võimalik saavutada suurepäraseid tulemusi.  

Root canal treatment

In the process of carrying out a root canal treatment, we use a high-technology Leica microscope that significantly helps improve the visibility of root canals and ensures better treatment results.


An experienced staff, the modern methods of diagnosis and the newest Damon braces help to perform effective orthodontic treatments even in the most complex cases.


Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth or teeth with a hopeless prognosis. To achieve the best results, we use the most modern 3-D diagnostic equipment.


We offer professional help in performing surgical procedures. An extensive experience and a passion for work guarantee that the health of our patients is in good hands.


The key to avoid a loss of teeth is an early diagnosis and correct treatments that ensure an expected result and improved oral health.


We use modern durable and mouldable materials that enable to prepare properly fitting and natural looking dentures.


Digital x-ray equipment in all our dental treatment rooms, a panoramic and 3-D x-ray machine with an option of taking lateral images and a microscope are just some of the high-technology pieces of equipment that we use in our daily practice.

Teeth whitening

Natural and beautiful teeth adorn us. Visit us to find out what we can do for you to make your smile even more beautiful.

3D prosthetics

We produce high-quality all-ceramic crowns, inlays and veneers in a single appointment using Sirona Cerec CAD/CAM integrated system.

Tooth transplantation

Dental transplant treatment is a procedure for replacing a missing tooth with a patient's own tooth which is either in the wrong position or a surplus one, e.g. a healthy wisdom tooth.

Treatment under general anesthesia

Üldnarkoosis ravi kasutatakse eelkõige mastaapsemate kirurgiliste sekkumiste puhul, selleks, et vähendada  kaasnevat valutunnet või ravi puhul ilmnevaid vastureaktsioone.


To provide high-quality dental treatment with complete range of services that enables us to find optimal solutions even in the most complicated medical cases in dental health. Our services are focused on our patients who are treated with utmost care.


To grow into a leading dental clinic in Estonia and a centre of excellence in oral health, using the most up-to-date knowledge, equipment and materials for the treatment of our patients.


We are dedicated and persistent in the pursuit of our goals. We aim at achieving the best results, i.e. providing the best possible dental services, and make no concessions in quality.
We are honest with our patients and each other. Both in the case of success or failure. Only by open and honest discussion can we achieve the best results that bring joy to our patients and ourselves.
Our dentists are improving their professional skills and knowledge with dedication and consistency. Advanced and effective dental treatment can be provided to our patients only on the basis of most up to date and diverse knowledge.
Our patients and colleagues are like family members whose wellbeing is our top priority. We listen, to understand the concerns and also the fears of our patients.
We are creative and innovative in our progress toward our goals. We are relentlessly seeking ways to provide the most modern and comprehensive dental services to our patients to improve their quality of life.
We love what we do. Our work is our calling, passion and life. It is the beacon of the values and beliefs of our people.

We offer our patients modern, precise and quick dental treatment.

We have a complete Sirona Cerec CAD/CAM system at our clinic that enables to prepare high quality all-ceramic restorations, including crowns, onlays and veneers, on the spot. Sirona Cerec is a new generation dental equipment that changes the world.

Why do we believe in it?

With Cerec technology, it is possible to improve the lives of our patients because the time on treatment will be shorter, the number of visits will be lower and consequently the cost will be lower. We are inspired by this knowledge and it encourages us to make more effort.

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