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2005−2010 University of Tartu, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry

1993−2005 Mustamäe Upper Secondary School


23.09.2015 Challenges in dental caries prevention. Quick dental treatment. Direct restoration of a tooth. Restoration of a tooth following surgery. Reasons and possible solutions – Ruta Bendinskaite, Lithuania

15.04.2015 “How to support superb client service?” – Jaanus Kangur, Estonia

10.04.2015 Competence certificate. The certificate is issued by the Estonian Dental Association: Dr. Grete Amer has improved her professional knowledge continuously (Estonian Dental Association, Marek Vink)

18–20.03.2015 OMICS International Conference and Exhibition on Dentistry (Dubai, UAE)

06.03.2015 ENDO-Frost. A day of lectures for endodontists – Anne- Ly Elhi, Vitali Gavrilin, Aleksei Rätsep, Janne Unt, Taavo Seedre, Laur Samarüütel, Epp Pohlak, Dmitri Ruzanov, Triin Lindma, Laura Aluoja, Silvia Saukas, Jaroslav Skrut, Stella Ambardanian

30.01.2015 ProDent conference. Bio-emulated indirect restorations: The daily workflow. The secrets of the insulation technique – Dr. Davide Gerdolle, Dr. Stephane Browet

28–29.11.2014 Endobaltic 2014, International Scientific Conference (Vilnius, Lithuania)

14-15.11.2014 Conference 32 – 2nd Annual Nordic Interdisciplinary Dentistry Conference – Prof. A. Sigurdsson, Dr. S. Pelekanos, Dr. P. Väli, Dr. M. Martma

02.06.2014 Principles of tooth whitening and responses to the questions. Knowledge and balance: wishes and needs of the patient – Steve Gerber

02.04.2014 Coltene ENDO – Positive Thinking in Endo – Dr. Veiko Vengerfeldt

28.03.2014 Spring Conference – Dr. Stephane Browet, Dr. Tapio Nurmi 

27.02.2014 Proactive dental treatment. Workshop – Dr. Marek Vink

13.02.2014 From an endodontist to a dentist – Dr. Indrek Tootsi, Dr. Marjo Sinijärv, Dr. Anne-Ly Elhi, Dr. Vitali Gavrilin, Dr. Liidia Nossikova, Dr. Aleksei Rätsep, Dr. Janne Unt, Dr. Taavo Seedre, Dr. Laur Samarüütel, Dr. Liidia Kazanskaja, Dr. Epp Pohlak, Dr. Dmitri Ruzanov

2526.10.2013 Autumn Conference 2013 – A new approach to the preparation of root canal. Hot vertical condensation. Sonicare vs. rotating toothbrush – Prof. Gianluca Gambarini, Dr. L. S. Buchanan DDS, Dr. Karina Kopmane-Raćko

Born a Master – best composite fillings. Dr. Stephane Browet

Autumn Conference 2012 – root canal irrigation, chemical processing, instrumenting. CBCT x-ray endodontics – Prof. Philippe Sleiman, Dr. Simon Cunnington

30.11.2012 Simplified and prognosed endodontics (theoretical and practical seminar) – Laura Andriukaitiene DDS

13.10.2012 Endodontics, the cornerstone of successful dental treatment – Dr. Kristiina Oikarinen-Juusola, Dr. Helena Kovari

11.10.2012 Practical first aid for dentists – a member of the board of SA Tartu Kiirabi,  Andras Laugamets

22.11.2011 Endo Conference – Prof. G. Cantatore, Dr. L. Andriukaitiene, Dr. V. Vengerfeldt

26.09.2011 WaveOne hands-on training on rotary instruments – Dr. V. Vengerfeldt, Dr. R. Toom

26–27.08 2011 Estonian Dentists’ Days 

16.06.2011 A new colour choice concept of direct composite restorations and the layer technique. A hands-on course – Dr. Ieva Jelisejeva

15.04.2011 From an orthodontist to a dentist 2011 

04.10.2010 Teeth whitening. Indications for and use of fibre posts – Dr. T. Wehner

27.09.2010 Endo Conference – Prof. J. West, Dr. V. Vengerfeldt, Dr. D. Ruzanov


President of the Estonian Dentistry Students’ Association 2005–2007