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What is a dental implant

A dental implant is made of titanium that is biocompatible, i.e. when placed into the bone tissue, this material will form an intimate bond to bone or osseointegrate with the surrounding bone tissue. Titanium implants have been used since 1960’ies and currently we have almost 50 years of evidence-based material from clinical studies that shows it to be a safe method with a good prognosis for replacing lost teeth.




Implants consist of a titanium screw that is usually 8–10 mm long and 3.5–4.5 mm wide. There are also various shorter/longer and narrower/wider diameter implants to accommodate different anatomic requirements. A screw is placed into the jawbone and after osseointegration it will replace the root of a missing tooth. A special attachment element called abutment is placed on the implant. This will link the screw attached to the bone and the tooth crown in the oral cavity (a single crown or as part of a bridge) or support a removable denture.