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Did you know that...

the most important factor of beauty is a smile? 99.7% of Americans consider a smile an important part of a person’s appearance. Only 50% of adults are happy with their smile and 74% of adults believe that an ugly smile may be an obstacle on their career path.


LUMINEERS® are a solution to bring out your beautiful, healthy, natural and permanently white smile. Extremely thin LUMINEERS are designed individually to give you a beautiful smile that you have always dreamt about. The good news is that there is no need to grind the sensitive tissue of teeth or to make an analgesic injection – therefore, no pain. Moreover, you can always replace them, so you have nothing to lose, but a beautiful smile to gain. There is evidence that LUMINEERS may function well over twenty years, so your beautiful smile will be with you for many years.

To make your smile beautiful and bright, you do not have to do anything more than two short visits to your dentist.

During your first appointment, a precise impression will be taken. You will also choose the suitable colour for your permanently white smile together with your dentist. During the second appointment it will be checked how the laminates designed personally for you fit and then they will be attached to your teeth through a painless procedure. It is this simple – a healthy, natural and permanently white smile that you have always dreamt about in just two appointments!

LUMINEERS are a simple and fast way to a beautiful smile and new life quality!

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Why are LUMINEERS so special?


Since March they are made from even a harder material – Cerinate II porcelain. The product comes with a warranty and a certificate.

Are there any other LUMINEERS?

No. LUMINEERS are made only from the patented Cerinate porcelain. The product is protected with a trademark and they are manufactured only in Cerinate Smile Design Studio in California.

You may want to consider LUMINEERS in the following cases:

  • Your teeth have changed their colour

  • Your teeth are worn

  • You wish to correct the shape of the dentures in your mouth

  • To correct teenagers’ teeth after orthodontic treatments

  • You want to remove a diastema

  • To correct your smile line

  • To correct the shape of your teeth

  • Broken and cracked teeth

  • You want to have a permanently white smile
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