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Laminates are very thin ceramic plates (0.3–0.5 mm) that are glued onto teeth. They are usually attached to frontal teeth. Laminates are ceramic and their appearance and characteristics are similar to natural teeth. To attach laminates, natural teeth must be grinded so that in the end the teeth will be of their normal thickness. Laminates are a great solution to improve the shape and colour of your teeth.

How laminates are attached:

  • First, the initial replica of teeth will be taken. Based on the impression, a plaster mould will be cast in a dental laboratory according to which a dental technician will prepare a wax-up in the laboratory. This is the initial vision of how the teeth could look like as the final result. If the solution is suitable, temporary laminates or mock-ups may be made that the patient can try out to get used to the expected final result. 
  • A dentist will grind the teeth, impressions will be taken, the colour of the future laminates will be chosen and temporary laminates will be put on the teeth until the laminates are ready.
  • The laminates will be glued to the patient’s teeth with special glue a week later.  

Ceramic laminates - before and after: