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Side effects of treatment and dealing with them

Non-surgical and surgical treatment has also negative consequences.

Increased sensitivity of teeth. This is one of the most bothersome problems following non-surgical as well as surgical treatment. Inflammatory gums are swollen. After cleaning of teeth this swollenness disappears and the gums contract. This results in smaller gum pockets and exposure of teeth surfaces that were formerly hidden by the gum pockets. The surface of tooth roots is not covered by enamel and is more sensitive to temperature and brushing of teeth. The above also happens after surgical treatment where the gum pockets are literally cut off from around the teeth. Usually this sensitivity gradually fades away. It is possible to cover the exposed tooth necks with sensitivity reducing materials during check-ups. Patients can use toothpastes for sensitive teeth at home. Abrasive whitening toothpastes should be avoided.

Aesthetic problems. One consequence of attachment apparatus treatment is poorer aesthetics. Teeth elongate. The tooth necks expose, and their colour is often darker than that of the tooth crowns. In case of an extensive loss of attachment tissues, the pink interdental papillae disappear, leaving small dark triangles between adjacent teeth. Aesthetic problems can be usually resolved with orthodontic or prosthetic treatment.

Treatment of periodontitis