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Objective of periodontitis treatment

The objective of the treatment of the inflammatory attachment apparatus of teeth is to:


  • Remove biofilm from and below the gums 
  • Eliminate factors that foster attachment apparatus inflammation (smoking, non-adequate restorations, traumatic occlusion)
  • Reduce the percentage of bleeding and plaque
  • Reduce the depth of gum pockets and the number of teeth that have gum pockets >4 mm >4 mm
  • Stop further spreading of inflammation
  • Achieve re-ossification of bone defects that show up on an x-ray


The patient and the doctor have equal responsibility in ensuring successful treatment of inflammation of the teeth attachment apparatus. Because the main cause of these diseases is biofilm on the teeth, it is important that the patient persistently removes these layers. To achieve that, it is important to learn together with the dentist the correct hygiene practices and to use them at home every day. It is possible to clean the teeth very thoroughly at a dentist’s practice, but if consistent cleaning is not ensured at home, the situation will soon be the same as at the beginning of the treatment.

Smoking is a very important risk factor in the progression of gingivitis. For sure, giving up smoking or drastic reduction of smoking will help achieve better treatment results. As many factors that cause and foster the progression of periodontal diseases cannot be changed (e.g. the body’s protective mechanisms), the patients must be informed that hygiene habits and smoking can be changed and this is where the patients can do their part in the treatment of inflammation of their teeth attachment apparatus.


The treatment of the attachment apparatus of teeth comprises 3 treatment phases:


1. Non-surgical phase and check-up;

2. Corrective treatment phase;

3. Preserving treatment phase.

Treatment of periodontitis