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Dr. Laura Schmidt

Sakala Hambaravi


E-mail: lauraSakala

Telephone: (+372) 533 599 66

Member of Estonian Dental Association


1994 – 2005 Viljandi Country Gymnasium (silver medal)
2005 – 2010 University of Tartu – Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry
2012 – 2017 University of Tartu – Faculty of Medicine, periodontology residency

Member of Estonian Dental Association

Graduate member of Estonian Dentistry Students´ Association


Endo Conference (22.11.2011) – Prof. G. Cantatore, Dr. L. Andriukaitiene, Dr. V. Vengerfeldt

WaveOne hands-on training in rotating instruments (26.09.2011) – Dr. V. Vengerfeldt, Dr. R. Toom

Estonian Annual Dental Meeting (26.–27. August 2011)

Sustainable Restoration Methods of Teeth with Extensive Crown Defects (introductory course of EADM) (25.08.2011) – Prof. R. Ibbetson

New Concept of Colour Selection of Direct Composite Restorations and Layer Method. Hands-on course (16.06.2011) – Dr. Ieva Jelisejeva

To Dentist from Orthodontist 2011 (15.04.2011)

Whitening of Teeth. Indications and Uses of Fibre Pins. (04.10.2010) – Dr. T. Wehner

Dare to Start: First Steps in Implantation (24.09.2010) – Dr. Ü. Pintson, Dr. L. Krünvald, Dr. J. Tiigimäe-Saar

Endo Conference (27.09.2010) – Prof. J. West, Dr. V. Vengerfeldt, Dr. D. Ruzanov

Front Teeth Restoration on Models with Gradia Direct (hands-on part). Introduction of Newest Materials from GC. (08.09.2010) – Dr. V. Vilkinis

Training in Occupational Health and Safety (14.–16.12.2010) – T. Velt