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Dental implants and implantology

Dental implants are used to replace lost teeth or teeth with a hopeless prognosis. Implants serve a wide range of functions:  

  • Replacing single lost teeth: usually an implant consists of an osseointegrated implant fixture, abutment that connects it with a crown and an implant crown.

Sakala Hambaravi, implantoloogia


  • As a support to a bridge: to replace a longer toothless area.
Sakala Hambaravi, implantaat
  • To restore the entire fixed occlusion of an upper or lower jaw:
Sakala Hambaravi, hambaimplantaat

  • As a support to an overdenture: traditional dentures frequently move out of place, which is why patients quit wearing them altogether. Implants can also be used to hold dentures in place.
Implantoloogia, Sakala Hambaravi  Implantaat, Sakala Hambaravi