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Damon braces and their advantages

Smile with confidence – smile is a big part of our identity and of how others perceive us.

Although at present we are offered a wide choice of cosmetic treatments to improve our looks, one of the best ways to look better is to have a prettier smile.

Damon braces were named after Dwight Damon, who developed them.

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Advantages of Damon braces over traditional braces

Fewer appointments with the orthodontist

Compared to regular and other clear braces, one of the advantages of Damon system is fewer visits to orthodontist. When Damon system is applied, visits are required every two months, whereas with traditional braces the orthodontist is to be visited every month. Arches are changed much faster (in about 10–15 minutes). This saves time for both the doctor and the patient.

Shorter treatment

Teeth move faster and the duration of treatment is shorter. Treatment with Damon braces is 4–5 months shorter on the average. The traditional braces have elastic ligatures that cause friction and pressure, resulting in slower treatment and greater discomfort. In case of Damon braces the wires are held in place with a sliding mechanism, so the teeth can move more freely, faster and more comfortably.

Easy care for oral hygiene

The elastomeric rings of traditional braces gather more bacteria and plaque, which in turn may lead to adverse gingival conditions. As Damon system does not use small elastomeric ligatures (rings), it is considerably easier to keep the braces clean.

Lesser need for additional appliances

There is less need to use various additional appliances, like palatal expanders, facial arch, etc., to make space and shape dental arches. This makes treatment more comfortable and less costly. In addition there is less need for extractions to make space for crowded teeth. Damon system creates space in a natural way using biologically sensible forces combined with adaptive processes of the organism. A smile with a full number of teeth is often broader, more natural and with a nicer profile. Pain is less frequent after application of the system.