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Advantages of dental implants

The advantages of implants compared to conventional dentures (tooth crowns, bridges, removable dentures):


  • Dental implants are fixed into the mouth.

  • Implants are very similar to natural teeth in terms of appearance and function (eating, cleaning).

  • To replace a missing tooth, there is no need to polish adjacent teeth (in case of replacing a tooth or teeth with a bridge, often healthy adjacent teeth must be polished; sometimes this requires root treatment of the supporting teeth of the bridge to be undertaken).

  • Removing teeth usually causes changes in the dimensions of the jawbone. The biomechanical forces created during chewing that stimulate the natural renewal process of bone are not transferred to the jawbone. If implants are placed, the jawbone will get the necessary stimulation from the biomechanical forces to recreate itself constantly. It is important for aesthetic purposes and preserving a natural smile and face shape.