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Additional orthodontic appliances

Modern orthodontics uses various appliances.

Forsus appliance:

The Forsus appliance is used in case of disto-occlusion, also called prognathism (upper front teeth reach much further than the lower teeth). This condition is normally treated by extraction of two teeth from upper jaw or orthognathic surgery to bring the lower jaw forth. Surgery is used for adults as their bones have stopped growing.

Sakala hambaravi Forsius

The Forsus appliance makes prognathism treatment faster, easier and more effective. Upper teeth move backwards and lower teeth forwards. Use of the appliance during the rapid growth period of a child may also have an orthopaedic effect by influencing the growth of lower jaw.

Treatment starts with placement of braces and teeth alignment. In the final stage of treatment with braces the Forsus appliance is fixed in the mouth for about six months.

Jelena Savvova

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Forsus is used to treat both children and adults. Sometimes disto-occlusion requires constant use of elastics.

Some forget, have no time to or prefer not to (children in particular) use elastics. Forsus is durable, fixed in place, functions automatically and actively applies constant light pressure.

Quad helix :

The Quad helix appliance is used to expand upper jaw and to treat cross-bite in children. Cross-bite entails that upper jaw is narrower than the lower jaw. Children with unilateral cross-bite also tend to shift lower jaw to the side, causing facial asymmetry.

Sakala hambaravi quad helix

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