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3D prosthetics

We have made another important step forward in developing our services to offer our patients even more modern, precise and quick treatment. We have now a complete Sirona Cerec CAD/CAM system at our clinic that enables to prepare high quality all-ceramic restorations, including crowns, onlays and veneers, on the spot at the clinic. Sirona Cerec is a new generation dental equipment that changes the world. Why do we believe in it? With Cerec technology, it is possible to change the lives of our patients for the better because the time on treatment will be shorter, the number of visits will be lower and it will bring down cost. We are inspired by this knowledge and it encourages us to make more effort.

How does the process work?

After successful treatment and preparation of the tooth to be restored, the dentist will take a picture of the tooth with a special 3D camera.

CAD/CAM Sakala Hambaravi

Based on the taken 3D image, the Cerec device creates a virtual 3D model of teeth that the dentist will use to design, assisted by software, the tooth to be restored or part thereof (crown, veneer, onlay etc.). 

CAD/CAM Sakala Hambaravi

The tooth to be restored is milled on the spot with an automatic and extremely precise milling machine. To make a restoration, we use high quality and resistant mineral ceramic blocks from well-known manufacturers.

CAD/CAM Sakala Hambaravi

After the restoration is prepared, the dentist will install it in the mouth of the patient restoring thereby the shape of the tooth.

Provided that the previous treatment has been completed, Cerec technology enables restoring a tooth in about two hours and in one appointment.

What is the price of a tooth restored with the help of this CAD/CAM equipment?

The price is the same as for a classical silicone mould based tooth restoration. Hence, the price is not higher, but the process is much faster.

What are the properties and life expectancy of a tooth restored with the help of the CAD/CAM system?

The life expectancy of a restored tooth depends on many factors: individual oral hygiene, the state and preservation of other teeth etc. It is important to let the dentist examine and check regularly teeth with dentures (preferably every 6 months). Whether the restored tooth has been made on the spot at the clinic or at laboratory does not influence the properties of the tooth. This means that the life expectancy of a tooth restored with the help of CAD/CAM equipment is at least the same as of a tooth restored at a dental laboratory.